Founded in 2014 in Mandalay by a group of prominent human rights activists and religious leaders, The Seagull seeks to develop a peaceful Burmese society which fully respects human rights and democratic values by promoting a culture of dialogue.

Their mission comprises two primary objectives. The first is to promote peace and harmony amongst diverse religious and ethnic communities through interreligious and intercultural activities. The second is supporting the adoption of fair and non-discriminatory policies which value and respect inclusiveness, public participation and social harmony.

Areas of Work

The Seagull has been deeply involved in movements within Myanmar promoting religious pluralism and inter-religious reconciliation. Their innovative interfaith approach helped stymie communal violence in Mandalay and Upper Myanmar. Furthermore, their education and awareness campaigns about religious and communal violence in Mandalay have cemented their good reputation amongst community and religious leaders, government authorities and the wider international community.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

The Seagull works with partners in advocating human rights, peace and overall social cohesion. It acts as a resource centre providing information to challenge discrimination and persecution of minorities and marginalised communities. It also holds training sessions and workshops and designs social media campaigns promoting inclusion and a culture of dialogue within communities.

The Seagull has also published research papers regarding citizenship and banned places of worship, including a Dialogue Handbook in partnership with three local civil society organisations.


E: info.theseagull@gmail.com