The partnership shall be managed by its members. Decisions will be taken on the basis of a consensus of the whole.

Should the membership grow beyond TWENTY organizations, a management committee will be established comprising SIX members selected by the membership as a whole and the SECRETARIAT. The committee’s will make recommendations to the membership, which the membership must accept by consensus in order to become policy.

From time to time, committees may be convened for specific purposes. These committees will be established on the basis of agreement by all members with terms of reference agreed by the whole.


The Partnership will be administered by a Secretariat provided without cost to the Partnership by the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

The Secretariat will:
• Provide administrative support to the Partnership, including by organizing meetings;
• Manage communications between the Partnership and individual members;
• Establish and manage the Partnership’s website;
• Facilitate information sharing among Partnership members;
• Receive and maintain letters of intent from partners;
• Pursue opportunities for external funding for the Partnership;
• Undertake additional activities as directed by the Partnership.

Roles shall be added or withdrawn on the basis of consensus between the Partners and the Secretariat.