The Working Group on Gender and Atrocity Prevention is convened by Ateneo de Manila University and the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

It aims to highlight the gendered aspects of atrocity crime and entrench gender-aware approaches in atrocity prevention work. Following its second general meeting in Timor Leste in February 2019, it hosted a Roundtable Discussion with stakeholders and a Peer-to-Peer learning activity. Alongside the APPAP general meeting in August 2019, the working group ran a pilot of the Human Rights Defenders’ Training on Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Atrocity Crimes (SGBAC), for human rights defenders from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

In October 2021, in partnership with APR2P, the Working Group published a report on how to better prevent gender-based atrocity crimes. The report contains recommendations for stakeholders and several strategies for structural, direct and late-stage prevention. The report can be downloaded at the link below, along with other publications related to gender and atrocity prevention.  

SPOTLIGHT ON R2P: Asia Pacific Partnership for Atrocity Prevention (APPAP) Working Group for Gender and Atrocity Prevention (PDF, 860KB), April 2023.

Gender-based atrocity crime prevention: Linking the Responsibility to Protect; Women, Peace and Security; and women's rights agendas in the Asia Pacific (PDF, 643KB), October 2021.

Overview of Gender Responsive Early Warning Systems - Progress and Gaps (PDF, 2.9MB), September 2021. 

Centralising Gender in Mass Atrocity Prevention: A Tool For Action in the Asia Pacific Region (PDF, 1.5 MB)

The APPAP Working Group on Gender and Atrocity Prevention, July 2019 (PDF, 1.1MB).

Background Information and Concept Note 2018 (PDF, 313.4 KB)

APPAP Gender Working Group Manila June 2018 Agenda (PDF, 181.8 KB)