The Working Group on Prevention of Hate Speech and Incitement focuses on the increase in hate speech across the region, used by various actors and facilitated by social media. It is convened by Human Rights Working Group - Indonesia and the Habibie Centre.

At the Working Group’s March 2019 meeting, twenty local and international participants from government, media, civil society groups and academia, identified domestic and regional situations of concern related to incitement, looked at case studies, and explored preventative strategies. The ability to promote extremist ideas or radical claims through fake news was identified as a serious challenge, especially for nations undergoing democratic transitions or post-conflict peace processes. Participants also pointed to the important role of political leaders and government officials in preventing hate speech, as well as promoting interfaith dialogue, education and training, and developing effective laws against incitement.

The Working Group on Prevention of Hate Speech and Incitement supported two grassroots initiatives in 2019, one based in Indonesia and the other in Burma, and the group continues to approach the prevention of hate speech via policy analysis, academic research, and local and regional initiatives.  

 March 2019 meeting report.