The mission of CSIS is to contribute to improved policy making through policy-oriented research, dialogue and public debate. This is based on the belief that the long-term planning and vision for Indonesia and the region must be based on an in-depth understanding of economic, political and social issues, including regional and international developments. CSIS research and studies are channelled in various forms, as independent input to government, universities and research institutions, civil society organisations, media and business.

Areas of Work

CSIS focuses its research on economics, politics and social change, and international relations (topics relevant to public policy).

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

CSIS implements public education through seminars, film screenings and its library; produces publications such as articles, books and working papers; and fosters cultural awareness through performances and art exhibitions.


Dr. Philips J Vermonte

E: philips.vermonte@csis.or.id

E: pjvermonte@gmail.com