ASEAN Parlimentarians for Human RIghts (APHR) is a network of lawmakers who use their unique positions to advocate for human rights and democracy. APHR's members work from within and outside government to create a region where human rights are at the centre of development, and where all people can live in dignity, free from discrimination and violence. 

Areas of Work

The organisation brings together a network of parliamentarians from all over Southeast Asia to assist in the promotion of human rights, democracy, and equitable and sustainable development in the ASEAN region. APHR works across a number of issues that contribute to atrocity prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, including addressing hate speech and misinformation under its Democracy and Fundamental Freedoms, and Freedom of Religion or Belief programs.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

APHR uses a range of innovative advocacy tools - both in public and behind closed doors - to leverage the influence of its members to promote human rights. The organisation also brings parliamentarians together through activities such as fact-finding missions, forums, conferences and workshops, as well as other forms of corss-border exchange between regional lawmakers. APHR and its members work closely with a range of stakeholders, from the UN and other international bodies, governments and parliaments, to grassroots actors and communities, in support of atrocity prevention and related issues. 


Cong Teddy Buguilat

E: teddy@aseanmp.org