IID is a Philippines-based advocacy and peacebuilding institution seeking to promote human security, democratisation and people-to-people solidarity.

Areas of Work

IID conducts policy advocacy, engagement and campaign programs in Burma, Mindanao, Southern Thailand, West Papua, Timor Leste and Southeast Asia in general. 

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

Three programs IID uses to support atrocity prevention include:

  • The Peace Process program intended to strengthen public involvement in peace-building processes.
  • The Right to Self-Determination and Solidarity program which aims to develop, expand and strengthen people-to-people solidarity in the region.
  • The Knowledge Management and Communications program, where IID’s rich and broad experience, and discourse on people-to-people solidarity is harnessed and imparted programmatically and systematically through organisational learning and knowledge sharing.


Gus Miclat

E: gus.mic21@gmail.com