The Institute for Asian Human Community was established in 2008 with three specific objectives:

(1) Creation of an intellectual network based on Asian coexistence supported by active intellectuals.

(2) Development and substantiality of civilian initiative track 2.5 approaches between government and NGOs.

(3) Creation of a comprehensive network involved with existing Asian networks.

Areas of Work

The AHC aims at promoting human security and non-traditional security in Asia in cooperation with the Center for Non-Traditional Security Studies, Nanyang Technology University, Asian Network for Free Election (ANFREL) and other networks.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

The AHC adopts multi-disciplinary research composed of different eminent researchers for expertise on peace, human rights, conflict, humanitarian crises and other issues associated with atrocity prevention.


Professor Mitsuru Yamada, Ph.D.

E: yamadaman@waseda.jp

Adjunct Researcher Hiromu Miyashita, Ph.D.

E: h.miyashita@kurenai.waseda.jp