Aspire Network’s mission is Developing Young People to Develop the Future Generation through Democratic Innovations.  Aspire Network’s work has been using the Sustainable Development Goal 16, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and 2416 and Fiji’s National Security Strategy 2016 to inform and transform the notions of security to ensure development strategies are inclusive of young people’s human security priorities.

Areas of Work

Aspire works with government, security forces and the private sector, as well as with the cybercrime unit as a member of Fiji Online Safety Commission. The organisaion lobbied the Government to table the Sexual Offender Bill in Fiji, and carried out the first National Young Leaders' Dialogue on Policing, Criminology & National Security. Aspire lobbied for the “1st Fijian Women Parliament” and partnered in hosting the “Gender, Violence against Women and Human Rights Workshop” for young women leaders. It also revived the Youth Parliament after 10 years in Fiji.


Ms Karishma Kaajal Kumar

E: kaajalkumar3@gmail.com