To provide an integrated approach towards the protection and promotion of human rights in Malaysia.

Areas of Work

MCCHR promotes human rights in Malaysia through three primary areas:

1. UndiMsia! Program: A civic education project to empower youth and increase the number of activists through activism programme.

2. Strategic Litigation Program: To use the power of the courts to change laws and policies by providing legal and non-legal advocacy training for the next generation of human rights lawyers in order to defend and promote constitutional protection and human rights.

3. Law and policy reform: To consult the relevant stakeholders by organising national stakeholder consultation sessions and make provisional technical law and policy recommendations to the government with a view to advance and accelerate human rights reforms.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

1. Public engagement and advocacy, especially regarding the civic education of youth on freedom of expression and hate speech.

2. Training for lawyers, pupils and law students on the right to freedom of religion, freedom of expression and international human rights standards and principles.

3. Law reform on freedom of expression, stateless persons, and migrant workers’ rights.

4. Public engagement and advocacy for Malaysia’s accession to the Rome Statute.


Firdaus Husni

Chief Human Rights Strategist

E: firdaus@mcchr.org

Edmund Bon

Co-Founder and Director

E: edmund@mcchr.org