Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding (PCP) Fiji works with all communities to reduce, prevent and transform violence and conflict. Its vision is of Pacific communities embracing a culture of peace, justice and non-violence.

Areas of work

PCP responds to conflicts emerging from changing contexts resulting from globalisation, political instability, ethnic tensions, foreign direct investments, migration, climate change and issues that directly affect our target groups. The work is delivered through 4 thematic areas – Community Peacebuilding, Climate Change and Conflict, Restorative Justice and Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership. Our different projects focus on specific target groups including community leaders, women, youth, sexual gender minorities, vulnerable and minority groups, traditional leaders and people living with disabilities.

Atrocity prevention programs/activities

  • Promoting Restorative Justice Principles in Fiji - nationwide project with a focus on victims of crime, offenders, police officers, corrections of care, communities, government stakeholders & policymakers, schools.
  • Status of Naviavia Women Project targeted to an ethnic minority group in Savusavu.
  • Building Resilience in Climate Change targeting two communities empowering two communities to negotiate with relevant stakeholders.
  • Building Peace in Climate Change Affected Communities - action research in the Suva/Nausori corridor with target groups being people of diverse ethnicities and including women, men, youths, minority groups, people living with disability, and those of the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Women’s Leadership Program – developing the leadership skills of rural women and enhancing their abilities to engage with stakeholders to discuss service delivery issues for their communities.
  • Voices in Transition – a program for 25 young people between the ages of 10-15 who were trained in different art forms as a safe space to be vocal about human rights and peacebuilding. Strengthening Multiethnic Women’s Networks for Advanced Advocacy of Community Issues – to build a network of women peacebuilders using restorative justice and peacebuilding approaches at community level and to use these processes to navigate male dominated spaces to advocate issues and to influence policy making spaces.
  • Strengthening Peoples’ Engagement in Regional Policy Development aims to build capacities of CSOs to effectively and meaningfully engage in national, sub-regional and regional policy formulation spaces.


Florence Swamy 

Executive Director

E: florence.swamy@pcpfiji.org

Twitter: @PCPFiji

Website: http://www.facebook.com/pcpfiji