Research Initiatives Bangladesh (RIB) developed and implemented the interactive theatre piece "Kurma: the Turtle that Brings Equilibrium" to highlight gender and sexual-based violence against Rohingya women in Cox's Bazaar refugee camps. Developed from the testimonies of Rohingya women, the project performed to audiences in Cox's Bazaar, and later a film made of the experience was shown in Dhaka.

The performance piece sought to highlight the continuing sexual abuse and gender discrimination faced by women in refugee camps, with particular attention drawn to the plight of one Rohingya woman who was tortured by her family and community, and took her own life. Employing the techniques of Participatory Action Research, the Kurma project allowed the audience to interact with characters' decisions, to highlight how more informed and less hostile interactions and decisions can lead to alternate outcomes for women in the region, and hopefully put an end to gender discrimination.

A video detailing the creative process can be found here.