RIB seeks to promote knowledge on poverty alleviation that is relevant, useful, innovative, participatory and action-oriented, with a special focus on marginalised and socially-excluded communities.

Areas of Work

RIB seeks to:

1) Support marginalised and minority groups who are unable to access basic services due to social discrimination.

2) Conduct people’s research (gonogobeshona) on development schemes and policies that affect them, in order to develop ownership and generate community mobilisation.

3) Publish articles, host workshops and seminars, and disseminate knowledge and information on the empowerment of marginalised communities.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

RIB’s approach has been to involve participatory processes from the very conception and design of the research proposal, through to the implementation and final presentation, including the validation and follow up by the researchers and/or community being researched.

This approach has been successfully applied in many of RIB’s atrocity prevention programs and activities which include promoting Early Childhood Learning to non-school going children in Rohingya refugee camps; promoting interactive theatre with refugees and other endangered communities; co-producing films with indigenous groups at risk of losing cultural heritage and language; empowering rural women and their networks on issues of gender-based violence through participatory approaches; and creating spaces for dialogue and peace-building between communities in conflict, such as host communities and refugees, or public authorities and marginalised communities, by using tools such as the Right to Information.


Meghna Guhathakurta

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