WPN promotes peace, equality and justice. By doing so, WPN seeks to ensure Myanmar is a place where all people can enjoy peace, justice and prosperity and live together harmoniously.

Areas of Work

WPN works to protect the rights, enhance the status and increase the inclusion of marginalised women, youth and communities within Rakhine state and across Myanmar, so that they can live peacefully and prosperously. Founded in 2013 by former political prisoner Wai Wai Nu, WPN is composed of lawyers, community leaders and peace activists in Myanmar and around the globe committed to promoting and protecting human rights. To promote inclusion, trust and peace between different communities in Rakhine state and Myanmar, WPN runs various social justice programs at the local, state and national levels.

Atrocity Prevention Programs/Activities

WPN runs programs based on three areas.

  • Human rights: Engage, empower and advocate for the rights of marginalised women and communities in Rakhine state and across Myanmar.
  • Peacebuilding: Build peace and mutual understanding between Myanmar’s different ethnicities regardless of gender or religion, to promote non-discrimination, stereotyping and hatred.
  • Youth development: Create education programs to empower women and youth in peacebuilding and protecting rights and civic leadership for long-term solutions and nation building.

Specific programs include:

  • Documentation of human rights violations and incidents of violence against marginalised communities and women in Myanmar. A monthly newsletter is produced detailing findings.
  • Provision of human rights, women’s rights and empowerment training for women and youth across Myanmar with a focus on rural and isolated communities.
  • Advocacy at the local level in Myanmar to help protect the rights and enhance the status of marginalised communities, as well as engagement with the United Nations and other relevant bodies to improve human rights across Myanmar.


Wai Wai Nu

E: waiwai.peace@gmail.com